Test Preparation Guide


Be ready for midterms, finals, etc. Create the essential study plan and defeat test anxiety.

This 13 page guide keeps it simple to make a study plan that works for any student. It is designed in a way that helps the student customize a plan specifically to suit them and their needs. It contains a time map to get organized and a study plan sheet to analyze what you need and how you will study for each test. You will find tips and strategies for surviving major tests and ways to reduce test anxiety. Get the grades you want with less stress and more success!

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Ace your midterms, finals, and every exam in between! Craft the perfect study plan and banish test jitters for good.

Dive into this concise 13-page guide tailored for every learner. With customizable tools like an organizing time map and a detailed study planner, you’ll pinpoint exactly what you need for each test. Harness expert strategies to tackle exams confidently and minimize test stress. Elevate your grades, diminish your stress, and embrace success with ease!

What you will find inside

  • Study Plan
  • Preparation & Review Strategies
  • Printable Time Map
  • Study Plan Sheet
  • Time Map Instructions
  • Tips & Strategies for Surviving Finals
  • Strategies for Reducing Test Anxiety
  • Mindfulness and Academics
  • Student Affirmations
  • Words of Wisdom

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E-Book, Physical Book


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