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Cornerstone Special Education Alliance
101 Century 21 Dr. Suite 112, Jacksonville, Florida, USA 32216

Creating Opportunities for Success!!

We coach, train, and advocate for parents of students with disabilities to help navigate and fully utilize special education services, so their child can have complete access to the same education that children without disabilities receive.

We assist parents in understanding and exercising their student’s civil right to a free and appropriate public education as outlined by the federal laws of IDEA.
We give a comprehensive student file review, consultations, available to attend school or district meetings, help parents understand and develop IEPs or 504 plans, and more.

Hidden disorders or disabilities are the ones that aren’t so obvious, but are just as real. As a matter of fact, they are the most common disabilities that receive special education services.

For instance dyslexia, auditory processing, ADD/ADHD, cognitive deficit, anxiety, bi-polar, a reading, math, speech, or language deficit, and so on.

However, under the guidelines of federal, state and local education laws, if these disorders, and others like them, adversely affect the students’ educational performance, those students are supposed to receive accommodations that help them have access to the appropriate education they have a right to just like students without disabilities.

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