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St. Johns Learning
1629 Race Track Rd Suite 103, Saint Johns, Florida, USA 32259

We offer a full service learning center---not pre-packaged programs. We depend on qualified instructors and a variety of resources to help each student.

No two children are alike, and no ONE program or course of study will work effectively with every child's issues. We use strategies from Lindamood-Bell language program in addition to the Wilson Reading Program. If students are struggling with comprehension or critical thinking as well as fluency, we use a variety of materials designed to help students acquire thinking and reasoning skills.

Students with ADD or ADHD may struggle with working memory and processing speed. The kinds of repetition practice needed to help them conquer math facts and comprehension are different from the kinds of practice needed by students who have issues with confidence and motivation.

My first role as the director is to understand how your child learns and what instruction will move your child forward. My experience and my continued research allow me to build a learning path for your child. I assess your child's progress at the center and keep informed of your child's performance at school. I email teachers and attend conferences in order to gain more knowledge about your child. We like to say our reach extends beyond the walls of the center.

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Phone: 904 287-8213

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