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Lessons from Maya Angelou

Today, the world lost an incredible woman. Maya Angelou was a strong, smart, and inspiring individual. She was a talented author whose words of wisdom will never be forgotten. I was reading about her and realized there was much to learn about her past and what inspired her to become an author. Maya Angelou suffered through some overwhelming struggles and overcame some serious obstacles. Read about her life by clicking here.Through her writing she has offered many life lessons that should be taken to heart and never forgotten. Click here to read more.

1. Life is what you make it

2. Variety and exploration are key to the creator

3. Live with passion

Thank you, Maya Angelou!

Maya Angelou teaches us through her life and writings that life is not full of roses and fairy tales. However, one should never give up on their dreams. Contact Student Futures to learn about how we help students achieve their dreams and follow their passions through academic coaching. Unlike tutoring we are focused on the “whole” student and creating life-long learners.

Keep smiling and reaching for the stars!

Unforgettable Speech for Teens

Thank you, Sandra Bullock! This is one of my most favorite speeches. I love her honesty. I love her question at the beginning, “If you could go back and talk to your younger self what would you say?” I definitely relate to #1: Stop worrying so much. I would tell myself to breath! Everything happens for a reason and you are going to be ok. No, really. You are going to be ok.

Click here to watch Sandra Bullock’s unforgettable and inspirational speech to high school graduates. 

Growing up is hard. Teenagers are faced with many challenges. I remember those days clearly. Life is an adventure.  Remember to learn from your experiences, even the bad ones.

No one should have to struggle through school. Learning should be fun. Your road to success should be filled with excitement and positive energy. Contact Student Futures today to find out how academic coaching helps students reach their full potential without stress and anxiety.

Keep smiling and reaching for the stars!



Top High Schools and How to Choose

In Duval County we are lucky enough to have tons of choices when trying to choose a high school. Depending on your  career interest there are several different programs to explore. Our very own Stanton College Prep is ranked second in the state of Florida and twelfth in the nation. Very cool!  Click here check out US News and World Report’s site for the latest information about high schools in Florida. Search by school and explore test scores, student body, and other great information.

Having trouble trying to make sense of it all? It is hard choosing the right school. After all, we are talking about the next four years of your life. Contact Student Futures for more information on how we can help with the process of choosing the right high school.

Keep smiling and reaching for the stars!

Texting as an Organizational Tool

Texting is not just for communicating with friends anymore. It has many uses. Check out how some colleges are using texting to help students in school. Click here to read the article on