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Attending workshops is a great way to enhance  your skills and get motivated for the future. All supplies are provided for students. Grab your friends and attend one of our workshops! Call (904)487-8269 for pricing and to reserve your spot now!

Have Student Futures come to your school or co-op! We enjoy talking to groups of students and educators about strategies that can motivate as well as help teens and students reach their full potential. Contact Student Futures today for more information about presentations for your organization.


Goal Setting 

Students create process-based goals. In this workshop students analyze an overarching goal they want to achieve such as getting better grades and look specifically at the processes they need to undertake in order to achieve that goal. The idea is for the student to focus all their energy on developing the habits and actions that will lead them to their goal.

Motivation for Success

 This workshop helps students understand what their source of motivation is and urges them to be more proactive outside the classroom and focus on positive motivation.

Through analyzing Core Motivation teens and student understand their personality and become more self aware, which then helps them describe what motivates them, what makes them tick, and how they can embrace their leadership qualities. Students also explore the concept of intrinsic motivation, which is vital to helping them be proactive and excited about their school and the rest of their life. The goal of this workshop is to help students be stress-free while being more effective and efficient.

Learning Styles & Study Strategies

This workshop gives students gives students a fresh start and an opportunity to approach school from a different perspective while simultaneously giving them tools to be more effective and productive. When students are aware of how they learn best they can begin to analyze their current ways of doing things and decide how to improve. Students complete a learning style survey and then use their results to create new systems and strategies that will help them accomplish their academic goals. Students analyze their current note taking strategy as well as their current study habits.  They explore various note taking and study strategies, and create their own system for success. They also learn ways to combat test anxiety and how to study for tests effectively.

Leadership Skills and Future Pacing

Students use their imagination to visualize themselves at some point in the future. They explore their values, their interests, and the people that are most important to them. Students create a mission statement to raise self-awareness and clarify what they want for the future. Finally, students write letters to their older selves.

Career Exploration and Planning for the Future

Students complete a survey helping them explore their interests and potential careers. Students learn how to research programs of interest.  They receive lessons in creating a resume, networking, and obtaining letters of recommendation. Finally, students create an action plan for the future.

Public Speaking & Writing

Students will learn the fundamental concepts of public speaking and writing to help them achieve success in school and various aspects of life. They will understand research and reference techniques as well as communication strategies that will give them the confidence to follow through on various tasks.

Time Management & Organization

Students analyze their current systems and strategies. They analyze what is currently working and what isn’t working. Students discuss a variety of strategies and ways of doing things. They create new systems and strategies that help them accomplish their goals with little to no stress.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is essential to students’ futures. Students learn the importance of personal branding and strategies for creating their brand. They explore and use helpful technology that will guide them in creating their personal brand.

Mindfulness for Students

This workshop focuses on the emotional well-being of teens and students. They are taught secular mindfulness techniques through the Mindful Schools curriculum that they can use any time and anywhere. Research has proven that using mindfulness improves focus and significantly improves the way students handle negative emotions such as stress and anger.

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