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Online Academic Life Coaching from Student Futures

Online academic life coaching is great for students who need occasional guidance and support, but have a busy schedule. It’s a flexible, easy to use, and a highly accessible alternative to coaching via in person. The fact is, even one simple email, with the right words or the right ideas at the right time, can put you on the right path to success. I have seen it happen a lot!

Online academic life coaching is great for:

• Athletes and other students with very demanding schedules
• Teens who like to work at their own pace
• Students who don’t like to be put on the spot
• Parents who wish to try out Academic Coaching without a huge price tag

What are the advantages of online academic life coaching?

  • Guidance with specific issues that are holding you back from achieving your academic goals.
  • Basic-level but continuous and personalized support from your coach, Melanie Black, in developing relevant skills or attitudes.
  • You don’t want to make a big financial commitment but you still want to get a lot of bang for your buck.
  • You can email me anytime you want during the period your coaching package is available and I’ll respond within 36 hours.
  • It may feel a lot more comfortable to talk via email, using written words as it encourages many people to open up more.
  • Both you and your coach have plenty of time to think before you put your thoughts into words and send an email.
  • You get very clear and relevant answers which you can put into action. There is no extra fluff, no unnecessary conversation. That means no wasted time!
  • You can save all the emails, reread and reuse them anytime you want to get inspired or get practical insights.

Why I offer online academic life coaching.

Over the years, I’ve often seen how budget and scheduling constraints have kept individuals from receiving the support they need. Studies have shown that people who persevere with their goals are the ones who have support and guidance through the challenges that are part of every goal.

I want every student who is committed to succeeding, to have access to the guidance, motivation and accountability that is part of a coaching relationship. Online academic life coaching allows for this possibility, with its low cost and flexible format.

Research shows that the thoughtful process of writing (as in an email) can help one identify patterns, make sense of challenges and come up with their own answers. Over time, email coaching helps you become your own coach. Students can look back on e-mails and gain insight and motivation to move forward at any time.

What does this mean for you?

Virtual academic life coaching is not your regular email interaction! We focus on challenges, what’s already working, on risk-taking and vulnerability, on grace and resilience, and on building your grit towards what matters most to you.

The emphasis is on you, the student, to act. All your coach does is guide you through the process, act as your accountability buddy, helps you stay motivated and believe in yourself.

How does it work?

It’s simple! You write me an email, describe a situation in your life, ask a specific question, and I write an email response back.

  • Each email response is customized for the student’s situation and needs. Emails can come in the form of text, or video, or both. Students may respond with the same.
  • If additional information is needed in order to provide a first-rate response, your coach will ask for it and only after that they’ll send you the official, paid email response.
  • Each email response offers practical advice, step-by-step strategies and high-quality guidance which the student can immediately start applying.
  • Responding to emails from students in a timely manner is a priority. Emails from a student will be answered within 24 hours.
  • Email responses may include attachments with activities, videos, or links to additional resources.
  • Optional: Schedule a 30 minute phone call or video chat monthly for check in, questions, concerns, etc. We can discuss challenges and devise plans for how to conquer them.

The Online Academic Life Coaching Packages

Up to 5 email replies per week. With each email we can jump from one topic to another or can further explore the present topic. You choose!

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