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Motivational Talks & Workshops

Through motivational talks and workshops, Academic Coach, Melanie Black, empowers teens to improve their social emotional learning (SEL) skills, and better prepare for challenges that lie ahead.  Many students, especially top performers, are having trouble coping not just with the pressures of high school but also with the transition to college or university.

In 2017, anxiety, depression, and stress were among the top 5 reasons students sought counseling in universities and colleges. The First Year College Experience survey, found that 60 percent of freshmen said they wished they had “more help getting mentally prepared for college.”

Armed with 12+ years of experience in education, Melanie Black takes a holistic approach helping teens improve their overall relationship with learning. She is a youth speaker who provides educational opportunities, resources, products, and guidance to help students identify their passion, set and accomplish goals, and navigate life’s challenges.

“I truly believe that the best thing we can do for students is empower them, fostering self efficacy and a love of learning that will bring them a lifetime of success.”

Popular Talks

The Leader In You

Transitioning to College

Back-to-School Orientations

Empowering Workshops


Contact Student Futures for pricing options. Like other leaders in education we want to help students succeed with effective tools and resources. It is understandable that due to budget constraints quality programs can feel out of reach.

The Good News…… We can help.

5 Options for Funding

  • Share the cost with another school or organization in your community on the same day.
  • Get the financial resources you need from school resources you already have like title I and title II funds.
  • Get the federal government to help with or completely cover the cost! Apply for a grant or partner with a non-profit who has already been granted the funds.
  • Your local businesses and civic organizations want their names associated with success, and you can help them. Ask them to sponsor the program.
  • Host a school fundraiser like a fun run, talent show, or bar-b-q.


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It's never too early to help a teen prepare for college!

Do you know a teen who could use your support? Do you wish you had access to the tools that can actually help you help them? Students are under a tremendous amount of pressure in this age of standardized testing. With the rising cost of higher education, they need all the help they can get in order to make every college semester count!

Arm yourself with tips, techniques, and strategies that you can use to give your favorite student the help they need.

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