• Daily positive affirmations and yoga poses that help you gain a positive mindset.This deck contains 30 cards. On each card is an affirmation for a positive mindset and a yoga pose to try. Use one daily or read the instructions card to discover four fun options for using the deck. Namaste.
  • This non toxic play dough is a great fidget tool that offers opportunity to be creative while doing schoolwork or relaxing. The scented dough is helpful for those with ADD, ADHD, and other learning disabilities. Kids, teens, and students of all kind play with the dough while working which helps them focus, relax, and stay grounded so they can accomplish what they need to. 
  • A student’s guide to less stress and more success. Learn strategies that help you keep a positive mindset, defeat your inner critic, practice mindfulness, persevere, and much more with this 27 page workbook.Obtain the motivation and inspiration you need to reach your goals. Discover a new mindset for success while searching inside yourself. Learn how mindfulness can bring you peace.6th - 12th grade Teachers can use in classrooms to help students progress and be successful. Can do one activity a day or complete all at once. Middle and high school students will learn the skills they need to succeed.College and university students can succeed with less stress in their freshman year with this book which makes it a great graduation gift or nice addition to any care package.
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    The workbooks were created to help students navigate the rapidly changing, high pressure academic environments of modern day adolescence.  With these unique and helpful workbooks, students will learn how to manage the pressures that come with school and life, they will find their passion, so they can set and achieve their goals. These books are meant to be used not just once, but whenever the need arises.Class sets available in quantities of 30, 50, 75, or 100.*We can accommodate a larger quantity if needed.*If bulk quantity of other products from our Student Success Shop are needed please contact us for rates.
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    Be ready for midterms, finals, etc. Create the essential study plan and defeat test anxiety.This guide contains a time map to get organized and a study plan sheet to analyze what you need and how you will study for each test. You will find tips and strategies for surviving major tests and ways to reduce test anxiety. Get the grades you want with less stress and more success!Class sets available in quantities of 30, 50, 75, or 100.*We can accommodate a larger quantity if needed.*If bulk quantity of other products from our Student Success Shop are needed please contact us for rates.
  • The Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment Ask My Coach - by Student Futures
    Ask My Coach is a great place to start if you're on a limited budget, or would like to get a taste of what Academic Life Coaching is all about. I'm your coach, Melanie Black, and I'm looking forward to helping out with Ask My Coach - by Student Futures.This service starts with your Self Portrait Power Traits Assessment. I will review the results and provide two personalized letters – one to the student and one to the advocate (parent, mentor, educator, etc) with guidance and recommendations.

    Step One

    Answer a few questions you receive in your email and Take The Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment from Learning Success Institute.

    Step Two

    Within moments, you will get printable results and correlated recommendations, plus downloadable guides.Your results will be reviewed by Academic Life Coach, Melanie Black, who will provide personalized recommendations in the form of two letters sent by email (one to the advocate and one to the student).Think of Melanie as your Student Success Concierge!

    Step Three

    Review your personalized letters (one to the advocate and one to the student) and embark on your journey to academic success! 

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