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Business Ideas for Teen Entrepreneurs

In our last post we noted some potential jobs for teens. Rather than working for someone else have you ever thought about starting your own business? Not only is it a way to learn new things and earn money, but it is also a great thing to put on your college applications. There are many resources available to help teen entrepreneurs start their own business. Click here to visit Biz Kids which has a ton of downloadable resources that are helpful. Plus, there is a cool game to play! Locally, Junior Achievement of North Florida has a high school program, JA Be Entrepreneurial, which is AWESOME! Learn more about Junior Achievement of North Florida by clicking here. Ask your teachers or principal if the program is at your school. If not ask them to contact JA’s local office. For more information click here. As a volunteer with JA I can tell this organization is an asset to Jacksonville. They are doing amazing things for the youth in our community.

These days there are many teens who are using their amazing skills to open their own business. Read more by clicking here.

Teen Business Ideas

1. Make an account on and build a profile. You can be a pet sitter, tutor, care giver, or run errands for those who need things. You set your rate and availability.

2. is looking for tutors. Build a profile get started today. You set your rate and availability.

3. Computer repair service

4. Etsy is a great website to promote and run your own online store. If you are crafty then this is a great option for you to earn some money.

5. Car washing

6. Lawn care service

7. Bake it up! If you enjoy baking cookies or cupcakes then you could make some extra cash by selling your goodies.

8. Jewelry making

9. Cleaning service

10. Photography

11. Udemy is a website where you can create instructional videos about anything and set your price for each video.

12. Start an informational blog or website if you are tech savvy and earn money

Need help getting started? Student Futures offers academic coaching services to teen entrepreneurs in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas who want to start their own business and maintain balance with their academics. We can help you create your business plan and network within the local community. Want to bring your friends? No problem. Contact Student Futures today to attend a workshop with your friends. Click here for our contact information.

Keep smiling and reaching for the stars!

Summer Jobs for Teens

Show me the money! Teenagers have a big list of things they want. How do we get what we want? We have to work for it. If you want to make some money this summer it’s time to get a job. My first job was delivering a local newspaper. After that I got into telemarketing. Additionally, I did some babysitting to earn extra money. My dad used to offer me $20 to more the lawn too. Then, an additional $10 for edging. After you get a job the biggest challenge is learning how to manage your money, but that discussion is for another time. What kind of jobs are open to teens? Most companies require you to be at least 16 years of age, but there are options for those under 16 too. Click here for a list of Florida companies who hire teens.

Need help making a plan? Need help finding a job, or putting together your resume and cover letter? Need help networking and getting in contact with businesses? Contact Student Futures today to find out how academic coaching can help you achieve your goals and dreams. We want to help you succeed!

Job For Teens:

1. Babysitting

2. Lawn care

3. Fast food restaurants

4. Clothing store

5. Department stores

6. Grocery stores

7. Sporting goods retailer stores

8. Automotive service shops

9. Lifeguard

10. Movie theater

11. Summer camps

12. Amusement parks

13. Pet sitting/ dog walker

14. Golf course worker

15. Car wash

Keep smiling and reaching for the stars!


Your Brain on Summer Break

The 2013-14 school year is wrapping up. One of the big concerns now that students are going on break is they are going to forget some of what they have learned this year. Unfortunately, it is a fact that students can unlearn some of what they have worked so hard to accomplish. How do we combat learning losses during the summer? By embracing experiential learning to the fullest! Don’t waste your summer. You will have to go back to school before you know it. Get up and enjoy every day!

First, create a summer bucket list. What are some things you want to do over the summer before you have to go back to school?

1. Writing Practice: Start writing in a journal. Record your summer thoughts and experiences. You won’t regret this. Keep it forever and read it later.

2. Reading: Go to the library. Find a book that interests you. It could be a book about anything! I read a book my senior year in high school and was able to use it my freshman year in college while taking my first English class. Grab a friend and read the same book. Discuss it together. Also, libraries have teen programs with various enriching activities.

3. Math: I challenge you to create a summer budget. An honest budget and then I challenge you to stick to it.

4. Science & Geography: If you have a smart phone you can download the Geocaching app. This is an app that will send you on multiple adventures. Enter your zip code or city and tons of caches will appear for you to choose from. Each cache has latitude and longitude coordinates. Use the GPS on your phone to locate the cache. It is like a treasure hunt, except you don’t keep what you find. You leave it for others to find later. Most of the time each cache has a piece of paper available for people to write their own message and date they found the item. It’s fun to see who has been there before you. Additionally, if you don’t want to hunt for a cache you can set one up yourself for others to find. Grab your friends and go on a treasure hunt!

5. Science: Grab your friends and try a new recipe. Anything! Personally, I would look up recipes containing chocolate. Seeing as it is so hot in the summer you could experiment with fruit and make some yummy smoothies.

6. Social Studies & Science: Go to a park! There are lots of state and local parks around with all kinds of trails where you can go exploring. A lot of the state parks have some fascinating historical information too.

7. Science: Go to the Jacksonville Zoo! There is so much to see and do. Bring a camera and lots of water.

8. Reading and Writing: Research colleges and programs on Smart College Visit. Make an online log of your research through the website. Big Future is another great site to help you with college research. Visit a local college. Walk around and explore the campus.

9. VOLUNTEER! Pick an organization and get involved. Search for opportunities at Volunteen Nation or make an account with Hands On Jax and explore opportunities.

10. Internships: Nemours in Jacksonville offers internships to high school students. This is a great opportunity and an amazing thing to put on any college application. Don’t be afraid to call a business to ask if they have any opportunities available. The worst they will say is no. If you have an interest in animals you could call a local vet office and ask if they could use some summer help.

Ok. Now, there should be no signs of learning losses because everyone is going to go out there and have an adventurous and educational summer break. Student Futures believes in helping students get the most out of their education. Whether a student is trying to prevent learning loss over the summer or prepare for the following school year. Student Futures wants to help students succeed. Contact us today for more information about how academic coaching can help students excel.

Keep smiling and reaching for the stars!