Business Ideas for Teen Entrepreneurs

//Business Ideas for Teen Entrepreneurs

Business Ideas for Teen Entrepreneurs

In our last post we noted some potential jobs for teens. Rather than working for someone else have you ever thought about starting your own business? Not only is it a way to learn new things and earn money, but it is also a great thing to put on your college applications. There are many resources available to help teen entrepreneurs start their own business. Click here to visit Biz Kids which has a ton of downloadable resources that are helpful. Plus, there is a cool game to play! Locally, Junior Achievement of North Florida has a high school program, JA Be Entrepreneurial, which is AWESOME! Learn more about Junior Achievement of North Florida by clicking here. Ask your teachers or principal if the program is at your school. If not ask them to contact JA’s local office. For more information click here. As a volunteer with JA I can tell this organization is an asset to Jacksonville. They are doing amazing things for the youth in our community.

These days there are many teens who are using their amazing skills to open their own business. Read more by clicking here.

Teen Business Ideas

1. Make an account on and build a profile. You can be a pet sitter, tutor, care giver, or run errands for those who need things. You set your rate and availability.

2. is looking for tutors. Build a profile get started today. You set your rate and availability.

3. Computer repair service

4. Etsy is a great website to promote and run your own online store. If you are crafty then this is a great option for you to earn some money.

5. Car washing

6. Lawn care service

7. Bake it up! If you enjoy baking cookies or cupcakes then you could make some extra cash by selling your goodies.

8. Jewelry making

9. Cleaning service

10. Photography

11. Udemy is a website where you can create instructional videos about anything and set your price for each video.

12. Start an informational blog or website if you are tech savvy and earn money

Need help getting started? Student Futures offers academic coaching services to teen entrepreneurs in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas who want to start their own business and maintain balance with their academics. We can help you create your business plan and network within the local community. Want to bring your friends? No problem. Contact Student Futures today to attend a workshop with your friends. Click here for our contact information.

Keep smiling and reaching for the stars!

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