Every year teens look for volunteer opportunities whether it is to complete required community hours for high school or just to get involved in a cause they believe in. Why should anyone volunteer? Simply, volunteering is good for you. It is good for your heart and soul.

The Perfect Volunteer Guide for Teens

Student Futures recognizes that it’s hard to find meaningful volunteer opportunities for teenagers in high school. That’s why we have created the ultimate guide with over 40 pages and 15 activities to help students reflect and explore their options.This guide  has  templates  as well as easy to follow directions for getting the volunteer opportunities that are suitable for you based on your interests and goals.

volunteering for teens guide



Benefits to Volunteering

According to Teen Life, there are many personal benefits to community service too such as career benefits, college admission benefits, meeting new people and building relationships, improves communication and critical thinking skills, and there are opportunities to apply academic learning to real human needs. I have talked to many teens who think they are too young to make a difference. ANYONE can make a difference! Teens, you have the ability to help others in more ways than you can imagine.

Resources – Where to Look

Our local community here in Jacksonville, Florida has a constant need for volunteers. If you are still looking for that summer learning opportunity then, start volunteering. Get involved now! Below are several resources to help get you started. Start making an impact now!

1. Volunteen Nation – You can search for local opportunities. Additionally, they have scholarship and grant opportunities. Follow them on Twitter!

2. DoSomething.org – Love this website! It is one of the largest websites for young people and social change. There are many simple ideas for teens who want to make a difference in their community. Explore their campaigns for easy ways to make an impact. They even have virtual volunteer opportunities!

3. Teen Life – Search for not only volunteer opportunities, but also enrichment programs and college admissions resources.

Opportunity in the Orlando Area

Florida Citrus Sports : a not-for-profit event management organization dedicated to positively impacting the Orlando region while enhancing the quality of life in Central Florida through world-class events. Make a difference by helping with  food drops and school supply drives for those in need.

Local Opportunities for Teens in Jacksonville

1. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens Teen Volunteer Program

2. Baptist Health Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

3. Mayo Clinic Volunteer Opportunites

4.  Jacksonville Public Library – Join a teen advisory board! You need a recommendation letter, parental permission form, and authorization for juvenile record search.

5. UF Health Teen Volunteer Program

6. Jacksonville Human Society Volunteering

7. Hubbard House Volunteer FAQ

8. St. Vincent’s Teen Volunteer Program

9. Nemour’s High School Volunteer Program

10. Museum of Science and History (MOSH)

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Keep smiling and reaching for the stars!