Register for Student Futures online course, Recipe for Academic Success. Learn how to use the 5 ingredients in the recipe for academic success to create a balanced lifestyle between school and home. This course covers 5 concepts that help students reach their academic and future goals. This course has a holistic curriculum addressing various academic and emotional needs of the student. Students should enroll in this course if they want to work smarter not harder. In this course students will learn how succeed without stress and anxiety.


For all you avid Amazon shoppers the Student Futures Academic Planner is available for purchase. The 6 month student planner contains a wheel of life as well as a mission statement activity so students can build a foundation for success. It has a standard monthly layout, a customizable weekly layout, and weekly reflection pages that help students stay on track with their goals and keep track of their grades. Other features include list pages, inspire me pages, as well as 25 pages for notes. The 8.5 x 5.5 planner comes in a customizable 3 ring mini binder which has two pockets on the inside as well as two pockets on the outside.