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In my experience as an academic coach time management is one of the biggest issues for students. Rightfully so, considering it is is not taught in school. Most of the time students have to figure out how to manage their course load, athletics, community involvement, etc. on their own. Sometimes assignments don’t get done or supplies are forgotten at school. Consequently, students’ grades drop. Then, their grades are not a true representation of their academic ability. Unfortunately, all of this causes anxiety in students.  Ahhhhhh!

It is important that students have a way to see time. Are there clocks in the house?  One place I like having a clock is the bathroom. Yes! The bathroom. I need to be conscious and mindful of the time when I am getting ready. Think about where else a clock would be useful. Perhaps the bedroom, living room, etc.

Before creating a time management system for students I discuss with them if they prefer to use a digital system or paper system, or both. Personally, I use both. It is important to let students choose. I don’t believe there is one way to do something. With time management there are so many different strategies. We all learn differently and have different personalities. We have to find what is best for us. Explore some idea through our Pinterest Time Management Board.

Next, it is helpful to fill out a time map with how you spend your time. I have students write their classes, sports practices, club meetings, personal commitments, etc. This helps them see time in a way that they don’t normally. The time map is especially useful when creating a plan for studying for finals. I love the time time map because it gives you a sense of time and one can see where their time goes. The time map can be completed on paper or on the computer.

When I am trying to analyze a student’s current time management system I ask them what they are currently doing. Next, I ask them what is working with that current system. Then, I ask what is not working. I ask them what they want to change. This gives us a foundation for creating a time management system.

Personally, I found that a standard planner, one you buy at office depot, was not working for me. The structure was not suitable. A year ago a friend of mine introduced me to the Bullet Journal. It was the best Christmas gift! She gave me a few mole skin notebooks and sent me to the Bullet Journal website. This totally changed my life. For the past year I have spent time creating and using various formats to manage time each week. I finally found one that worked for me. Sometimes when I work with students on time management I give them a blank piece of paper and ask them to draw a structure that they think would work for them.

I have great news! I have designed a planner specifically with the whole student in mind and it is ready for purchase! It great for students in high school or college who are looking for a time management system. to Click HERE to learn more. Parents, I didn’t forget about you either. Click HERE to learn more about the Parent Planner.

Melanie Black of Student Futures is a certified academic life coach for students and teens. She has a passion to help students succeed. Academic coaching helps develop life skills for students as well as gives them academic strategies, which help to decrease anxiety and stress in students. Contact Melanie Black today for a free consultation at or (904) 487-8269.

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