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Dear Parents, Educators, Coaches, and Mentors,

Thank you for being an advocate for student success! Today’s educational system is becoming increasingly competitive for students. Educational institutions are required to constantly increase their standards as they jockey for state and federal funding. This is causing a nationwide stress epidemic amongst students.
Students today are under intense pressure! They must arrive to multiple classes each day, focused and ready to learn and retain a great deal of knowledge, stay on top of assignments and homework, cope with pressure from their parents, teachers and friends, and BOY, WILL THEY BE IN TROUBLE if they’re not ready for that next big test, quiz, midterm, or final exam!
The world expects A LOT from these young people. Organization, energy, focus, and work/life balance, now more than ever, play vital roles in student success. Unfortunately, in school there are no organization, study skills, or emotional intelligence classes. Students are expected to simply “deal” with everything that is thrown at them and somehow manage it all.
These workbooks were created to help students navigate the rapidly changing, high pressure academic environments of modern day adolescence.  With these unique and helpful workbooks, students will learn how to manage the pressures that come with school and life, they will find their passion, so they can set and achieve their goals. These books are meant to be used not just once, but whenever the need arises.
Below, there’s a note that I’ve written to students. I recommend that you share this note with the student(s) you wish to help. It’s important that they understand that academic coaching presents an opportunity for them to get what they want out of life. It’s not something they are being forced to do. They must make the choice, or they won’t take the exercises seriously and will not get the results they’re after.
At Student Futures, our mission is to help students set and achieve their goals with less stress and more success!
Melanie Black
Certified Academic Life Coach


Dear Students,

Are you sick of parents and teachers constantly getting on your case? Are you under so much pressure, that you have trouble focusing in school? Has constant stress left you feeling demotivated, apathetic, or just plain sad? Are you ready to get energized and focused so you can take charge of your life and academic career?
If you answered yes, then our Student Success Workbooks can help you! Each volume contains tools and information to help you manage your priorities and develop positive habits. You’ll learn how to conquer difficult classes, avoid test anxiety, and experience victory in your young adult life. Defeat those negative thoughts and feelings that hold you back from achieving your goals. With self-awareness and helpful strategies, you’ll learn that you can accomplish anything!
Melanie Black
Certified Academic Life Coach

Test Preparation Guide

Be ready for any major test. Create the essential study plan and defeat test anxiety.


Let’s Get It Together

Your ultimate guide for organization. Form habits that help you meet your goals. Create systems for time management, note taking, and more.


Don’t Worry Be Happy

A student’s guide to less stress and more success. Learn strategies that help you keep a positive mindset, defeat your inner critic, practice mindfulness, persevere, and much more. Obtain the motivation you need to reach your goals.


Victory is Yours

Learn how to set goals, take action, and stay motivated with this workbook. Visualize your dreams for the future and learn how to make your dreams a reality with this guide.


Learn Like A Ninja

This book has the tools you need to succeed. Examine how you learn best and create systems that work for you. Obtain useful strategies for math, reading, and writing. Conquer big projects and tests. Reach your academic goals.


Complete Success Bundle with Workbooks

This book has the tools you need to succeed. Examine how you learn best and create systems that work for you. Obtain useful strategies for math, reading, and writing. Conquer big projects and tests. Reach your academic goals.

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