At the bottom of this post discover MULTIPLE RESOURCES to master the recipe for academic success.

1. Mentor: Seek out the people you admire and look up to. It could be a teacher or coach. It could be a friend of the family, someone at church, or another individual who is part of a group to which you belong. If you are working maybe there is someone around you such as a boss, manager, or supervisor who you look up to.  Make a list of at least 10 people you think would make a great mentor. Contact these people over the next week . Don’t be afraid to reach out. Explain how much you admire them and ask for a meeting. They will be thrilled!

2. Healthy Lifestyle: Take care of your physical and mental health. Maintain a positive attitude! You can achieve anything you want.  School is a lot of work, but you are still allowed to have hobbies and do things that you really enjoy. You are allowed to have fun! Check out the Don’t Worry Be Happy Book from Student Futures, which is helping students manage the stress of academics and life.

3. Organization: Let’s Get it Together is the Student Futures resource that has helped many students with organization. Time management is essential to success! Let’s Get it Together helps students design their own planner or use one with a template they like. Utilize a planner and carry it everywhere. Look at your planner at least twice a day, morning and evening. Use Sunday evenings to plan out your following week. Adjustments can be made throughout the week, but it is beneficial to you to plan out your week ahead of time. Also, if you don’t have one create a “Success Binder.” Label and utilize tabs, dividers, etc. Get stickers! Everyone loves stickers. Every Sunday go through your binder. No loose papers allowed! Rule of thumb for papers: File them properly for each class, or turn it in to the teacher.

4. Self-Portrait Learning Style Profile: Know your learning style and utilize strategies pertaining to your learning style when studying, taking notes, etc. Student Futures coaching clients receive a free Self-Portrait Learning Style Profile assessment. It describes all 5 aspects of one’s learning style rather than just one. Therefore, each student can have a better understanding of how to be successful. For more information click here.

5. Communication: Talk to your teachers. Ask what you can do to be a better student. Even if a student has straight A’s there is still room for improvement. I have met students who make straight A’s but are always stressed about school because they are simply not using certain strategies to make their life easier. Teachers can help you understand how best to study and take notes for their class. In contrast if you are having trouble in class or with a particular assignment be sure and ask you teacher specific questions. Simply stating you don’t get it doesn’t help a teacher help you better. Being specific with what you are having trouble with will ensure a teacher is able to give you better guidance.


  • Looking at the Recipe for Academic Success which ingredient would you like to work on and why?
  • What actions do you need to take or systems need to be in place for you to improve in this area?
  • What roadblocks do you expect?
  • How will you know that you are successful?


These books come in a digital, fillable, printable pdf format as well as a physical book. They are versatile for various grade levels and can be used anytime, at the beginning of the school year, midterm, as well as the end of the year.

Learn Like a Ninja – Study Skills, Mindfulness, and more

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Defeat academic stress

Let’s Get it Together – Get organized! Learn time management systems that work.

Victory is Yours – The ultimate goal setting guide!

A Student’s Guide to Volunteering and Internships – Get valuable experiences that help you explore your future aspirations

Test Preparation Guide – Easy to follow guide to making a study plan for any major exam.