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I am excited to announce that Student Futures has partnered with the Learning Success Institute. The Learning Success Institute who has developed products that show people how to use their Learning Styles and Personal Success Styles to discover their strengths and passions, and to reach academic, career, and life goals. Every client with Student Futures will now have access to this incredible Self Portrait Learning Style Profile Assessment! This is completely unlike any learning style inventory your student has ever taken. Rather than addressing just one aspect of learning styles this assesses five: talents, interests, modality, environment, and disposition. Below are more details about the 5 aspects of learning styles. I took the assessment myself and found that I learned so much about myself. It was enlightening. Unlike other learning style assessments it is short and should take less than thirty minutes to complete. It’s short and sweet! After taking the assessment you receive results instantly. Plus, parents and teachers receive a manual explaining how to understand and use the assessment. The academic coach will also review the results with the parent and student explaining everything in detail. As your academic coach, this will give insight into how to coach your student best so that they are successful. 

5 Aspects of Learning Styles

TALENTS: Music, Math-Logic Reasoning, Mechanical Reasoning, Word-Language Reasoning, Spatial, Body Coordination, Interactive-Self, Interactive-Others, Interactive-Animals, Interactive-Nature, Humor, Life Enhancement

INTERESTS: Interest Priority Scale, Involvement Issues, Things to Do Some Time During Your Life


Auditory – listening, verbal

Visual – picture, print

Tactile-Kinesthetic – Hands-on, Whole body, Sketching, Writing

ENVIRONMENT: Sound, Body Position, Interaction, Lighting, Temperature, Food, Color, Time

DISPOSITION POWER TRAITS: Spontaneous, Organized, Supportive, Imaginative, Curious

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