Creating a positive mindset is beyond challenging. Especially, if our inner critic has taken over and all we hear is the negative mind chatter. It’s time to to tell off your inner critic! We have the power to change our minds. We really do!

Personally, I found affirmations and motivational speeches to help best. I have fun unicorn affirmation cards in my bathroom and I use the I am app every day. I created a Spotify playlist called, Pep Talk, which has helped me a lot. I love motivational speeches and this playlist has a lot of them. The point is I try to flood my mind with positivity because that negative mind chatter is sneaky and tends to creep in unexpectedly.

I believe that a student’s mental well being is just as important as their academic progress. If we can help them learn more self awareness and how to manage negative feelings when they’re young then, they have a better chance at being successful, well-rounded adults.

Resources to help students obtain a positive mindset

  • Boxed yoga cards with affirmations. Four different options to play! 30 cards!
  • Printable yoga cards with affirmations. Same as above but print as many as you want!
  • Don’t Worry Be Happy Workbook: A student’s guide to less stress and more success. Learn strategies that help you keep a positive mindset, defeat your inner critic, practice mindfulness, persevere, and much more. Obtain the motivation you need to reach your goal.

Lesson: Focus on this not….

As families prepare for the new school year I ask that you keep one thing in mind. Focus on your well-being first NOT grades. Read more about the back to school mindset HERE. Martin Luther King, JR. offers some important advice for starting the new school year HERE.