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Don’t get bored. Do something fun! Even better. Grab a friend or family member and do an activity.

1. Bake something yummy. Donate some to the Trinity Rescue Mission. Yes! They will take your homemade baked goods.

2. Volunteer! Visit Hands on Jacksonville to learn about opportunities for teens.

3. Settle down with a good book.

4. Play board games.

5. Do some Geocaching. It’s a fun scavenger hunt! Click here to learn more.

6. Reorganize and decorate your bedroom.

7. Send a card or letter to a soldier.

8. Write in a journal or diary.

9. Go to a local park and walk on the trails. Ft. Caroline area and UNF have amazing trails!

10. Go for a walk on the beach. Build a sandman. =)

11. Help mom and dad with things around the house.

12. Create a video with friends. Add music to it. Create memories!

13. Start a photo project.

14. Gather some friends or family together for a game outside. Play football, soccer, basketball, etc.

15. Write down your goals for 2015. Make a goal map. Use color and visuals and then post it in your room.

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Have an awesome break and here’s to success in 2015.

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