New School Year, New You

When: Choose either June 27th or July 23rd, 2019

Where: UNF – Adam W. Herbert University Center

Time: 9am – 1pm

Limited to: Jr. High and High School Aged Students

BONUS: Every participant will receive their own copy of the book, Let’s Get It Together.

Heading back to school? Whether you are starting a new school year or semester it is a new beginning and you can take advantage. Students examine their past year(s) in school realizing what went wrong and what successes they had. By analyzing the past they can create a plan to succeed in the new school year. Students learn about and use a variety of strategies that they can implement to meet their goals and be successful in the upcoming school year.


Space is limited!


Today’s educational system is becoming increasingly competitive for students, as educational institutions are being required to increase their standards. This is causing a stress epidemic amongst teenagers. They must learn as much as they can, and learn it effectively. Now more than ever being organized and using efficient study skills play vital roles in student success. Students are under immense pressure. Unfortunately, in middle and high school there is no organization or study skills class and students are forced to “deal” with everything that is thrown at them and somehow manage it all. Students are expected to know how to take notes, know how to “study” for tests, know how to manage their feelings. Emotionally this can be taxing. Teenagers end up hating school and become unmotivated. Their future is in jeopardy. When they reach college, which has a heavier workload they have trouble handling it all. While colleges and universities have programs to help, this program was created to help students get ahead of the game and reach their academic goals with less stress and more success.


Universities and colleges around the United States have academic coaching programs to help students deal with the challenges that arise while attending school.  They have implemented these programs because so many students are unprepared for the challenges they experience in college and university such as the stress that comes with an increased workload. When students are unprepared they experience pressure which can lead to more serious issues such as anxiety and depression, which are major factors that affect student success. Research has found that is is critical now more than ever that students’ social emotional learning skills are developed in order for them to be successful. By giving students the opportunity to experience the positive effects of academic coaching now we are helping them be better prepared for their future. They can get ahead of the game! They will be unstoppable!

Student will

  • Understand and manage their emotions
  • Learn about majors, areas of study, and possible career paths
  • Set and achieve positive goals
  • Be motivated to succeed
  • Study more effectively and manage test anxiety
  • Feel and show empathy for others
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships
  • Make responsible decisions
  • Have improved attitudes about self, others, and school
  • Have better academic performance
  • Experience reduced emotional distress

Program Description

Heading back to school can be exciting and also nerve wrecking. This program enables students to be prepared for a new school year with productive strategies and a positive mindset. Students use self evaluation and reflect on their past, present, and future successes and challenges. Students receive tips and strategies for success. They use all this information to create systems that suit them and help them reach their goals. Students can take what they learn in this program and use it year after year whenever the need arises.

Every participant will receive their own copy of the book, Let’s Get It Together


  1. Recipe for Academic Success: Learn the ingredients that you need to succeed.
  2. Reflect: Discuss the past school year through reverse engineering. Identify past achievements and challenges, identify the methods of success that helped you, and analyze those methods to create or edit goals for the next school year.
  3. Learn about the two types of motivation
  4. Learn study strategies and create systems that suit your learning style and needs
  5. Learn effective organizational strategies for time management, homework, projects, etc.
  6. Focus and concentration: create systems to help when needed. Analyze physical environments.
  7. Discover your 3 super powers: Growth Mindset, Grit, and Passion
  8. Goal Scope: Short term and long term; Create an action plan and next steps for moving forward.