• Having trouble keeping your head up? The Wakey Wakey bundle can help. It all fits perfectly in your backpack. In this bundle you get a lotion stick, scented dough mate, and essential oil infused roller. The fresh scent will give you the pick me up you need.
  • Learn how to set goals, take action, and stay motivated with this 25 page workbook with over 10 different activities for students. Visualize your dreams for the future and learn how to make your dreams a reality with this guide. Start off by creating your personal mission statement. Create long term and short term goals. Learn how to stay motivated when challenges arise. Envision your future self and find the leader power within you to be the best you can be. 
  • The Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment
    For students 3rd grade to adult. The key to every child’s learning success, the Self-Portrait™ power traits assessment is for individuals, homeschools, classroooms, and parenting. Scoring is automatic and you get immediate, printable results and correlated recommendations, plus downloadable guides.Brought to you by Learning Success Institute.
  • Be ready for midterms, finals, etc. Create the essential study plan and defeat test anxiety.This 13 page guide contains a time map to get organized and a study plan sheet to analyze what you need and how you will study for each test. You will find tips and strategies for surviving major tests and ways to reduce test anxiety. Get the grades you want with less stress and more success!
  • Daily positive affirmations and yoga poses that help students gain a positive academic mindset.Daily positive affirmations and yoga poses that help students gain a positive mindset about academics. This deck contains 30 cards. On each card is an affirmation for a positive mindset and a yoga pose to try. Use one daily or read the instructions card to discover four fun options for using the deck. Namaste.
  • Organize your week with these 2 planner pages. Use this weekly layout to plan out your to do's and get things done. Print them out as needed. These pages will print as 8.5 x 11. Plus, download the bonus pages, "How's It Going" for FREE! Using the these pages will help you stay on track with your goals and keep track of your grades. You can develop new systems or continue using ones you have in place depending what’s currently working or not working in each class.On the left side of the weekly layout there are four sections. Decide which areas you want to focus on. For example, projects, physical environment, health, etc. Write the names of those areas in the sections provided. Then, under each area write to do’s or action steps towards goals for that area that you will focus on that week. Decide what day and time you will complete the to do’s or action steps and write that information in the appropriate box on the right side of the weekly layout.

    Happy planning!

  • A care package that will make any student feel loved.

    Whether you know a student in college, high school, or middle school this bundle will make them smile. Have your choice of workbook, lotion stick, and yoga and affirmation cards. Plus, add a chapstick, roller, or dough for that special student. 
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    Great when you're on the go! This all natural lotion stick has all the moisture needed for your skin.
  • This 10 ml roll-on,which is made up of a prediluted, ready-to-use blend of essential oils, is the easiest and most effective way to experience the benefits of aromatherapy.
  • This 45 page workbook is the ultimate guide for organization with over 15 activities for students. While working through this helpful guide you will be able to tidy up your physical environment, learn effective time management techniques, and create systems to maintain order in your life with less stress and more success. Organize your locker, car, room, and study environment. Create time management system that works for you and your lifestyle. Learn how to use various note taking systems and discover how to make them work for you and your classes.6th - 12th grade Teachers can use in classrooms to help students progress and be successful. Can do one activity a day or complete all at once. Middle and high school students will learn the skills they need to succeed.
  • The study skills you need to succeed are in this 52 page book that contains over 15 helpful activities for students.Examine how you learn best and create systems that work for you. Obtain useful strategies for math, reading, and writing. Conquer big projects and tests. Reach your academic goals with three super powers.6th - 12th grade Teachers can use in classrooms to help students progress and be successful. Can do one activity a day or complete all at once. Middle and high school students will learn the skills they need to succeed.College and university students can succeed with less stress in their freshman year with this book which makes it a great graduation gift.
  • What You Get
    1. Student Futures Test Preparation Guide
    2. Student Success Cards with Yoga and Affirmations
    3. Choice of Accessory: Dough Mate, Chapstick, or Oil Infused Roller

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