teen thinking

Imagine yourself ten years from now. You have accomplished everything you set out to and your dreams have come true. You are happy and successful. Think about how you did it all and how proud you are of your achievements. When you imagine your future self think about:

  • Your fashion
  • Your location what kind of place you are living in
  • What you are doing for a living
  • What a typical day looks like
  • Your favorite things to do
  • Who your friends are
  • Where is your family
  • What you value

What nickname would you give to your future self?

Answering these questions and thinking about your future self will help you realize how unique your personal aspirations are. You may also realize that your ideal future self is within your reach. Is there any action steps you are taking want to start taking to ensure your future is how you pictured? What is one goal you can set to make sure you are working towards the future you imagined?

What message does your future self have for you? 

mel professional photo by kateMelanie Black is an Associate Certified Academic Life Coach and mindfulness educator. She is passionate about helping others and learning all she can in the process. With ten years of experience in the field of education, she is determined to help students succeed in school and life. “ One of my goals is to continue to be a humanitarian who helps our local community. I am passionate about my relentless pursuit of knowledge and desire to help others.“