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When I was younger and complained about anything my mother would say, “C’est la vie”, which basically means, that’s life. Often, I hear students complain about how boring school and homework is and how much they don’t like certain subjects, activities, or people. We can’t change the people, we have to take certain subjects to graduate, and we have to complete specific activities to accomplish our academic goals. Sometimes when students complain they say, ‘Why do I have to take so much math if the job I want in the future is not going to require me to understand geometry?’  I also hear, ‘When will I use this stuff in the future?’ Keep in mind that not everything your instructor teaches will be relevant right away. Sometimes we have to trust our instructors that what they are teaching is important for you to learn right now, even if it seems confusing, silly, or unnecessary.

As for when you will use everything you are learning no one knows because no one has a crystal ball to see your future. Take it all in. Learn what you can and try your best because you never know when you might need the knowledge that has been imparted on you. You never know what you will learn about yourself from any challenge whether it be a boring math concept or a history research project that you are having trouble organizing and comprehending. You are not just in a math class or just in a history class. You are in a success class! Learning how to succeed in spite of challenges is what prepares you for a successful future. For now, like Oprah says, “Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.” Keep the “big picture” in mind as you do the things you have to do to be able to achieve your dreams.

Reach for the stars!

mel professional photo by kateMelanie Black is an Associate Certified Academic Life Coach and mindfulness educator. She is passionate about helping others and learning all she can in the process. With ten years of experience in the field of education, she is determined to help students succeed in school and life. “ One of my goals is to continue to be a humanitarian who helps our local community. I am passionate about my relentless pursuit of knowledge and desire to help others.“