Our goal as humans is to be happy, healthy and kind. Being kind promotes a better well-being, which makes us happy, and happiness is contagious. It turns out kindness is powerful. This is a super power we all possess. I designed some kindness cards to help you bring out this power in yourself and share it with others.

The 26 kindness cards are great for implementing a challenge at school or at home. Teachers can do these with students and families can work together on each on at home. Do one a week or one a day. Do what works for you.

BONUS: Each card contains an inspirational quote related to the act of kindness to keep you motivated and happy on your kindness journey.

Teachers can use these cards in their classrooms as writing prompts for students. It becomes a quick and easy activity to prompt meaningful family discussions and improve relationships.

Get the physical cards HERE.

Get the printable cards HERE.

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Better yet gift all four decks to someone special. Get the complete JOY Deck HERE.