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It is important to teens to have a voice and choice when deciding what to do over summer break. Discuss options and give them ideas, but let them decide what they prefer to do.

There are so many options!

  • Summer learning programs with emphasis on college prep. Check with your local colleges and universities.
  • Setting goals for college, career, and life. Seek out mentors and/ or business professionals in their area of interest. Never be afraid to contact someone!
  • Together, research your teen’s career interest(s)
  • Volunteer!
  • Help your teen understand what’s involved with trying to gain employment: create a resume, cover letter, etc.
  • If taking a vacation ask your teen to take an active role in the planning process such as calculating a budget.
  • Get outdoors! Play a game, go for a walk, etc.
  • Read a book together.
  • For Student Futures workshops please visit our Eventbrite profile and sign up today! There are tons of great summer workshops for families with teens. Click Here to register.
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Powerful Summer Activity for Teens

Creating a blog can be an extremely exciting, fulfilling, and educational activity. A blog is simply a regular, written record of your thoughts and opinions on anything – it’s just written online. It’s pretty simple to set up. Follow the following link to get great advice from a local successful teen blogger about how to get started.

Developing a personal brand is essential to every teen’s future. Branding is an important concept for teens to think about because more and more employers are using the internet to hire people. Additionally, more and more students are applying to colleges and universities and developing a personal brand that includes a blog can make you stand out to admissions. A blog is a creative display of one’s writing and critical thinking skills. It can have a positive effect on the future. Try it!

Student Futures’s goal is to motivate and help students achieve their dreams through Academic Coaching. Know a teen who needs help getting on the right track to success? Know a teen who is having trouble maintaining balance in their life? Click here to contact Student Futures today to set up an initial academic coaching consultation with Melanie Black to learn more about how we help teens achieve their dreams and become masters of their own path to success.