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Google defines a teacher as a person who teaches, especially in school and the term to teach as show or explain to someone how to do something. Therefore, a teacher is a person who teaches someone how to do something. Oh, but they are so much more than this!

“What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.” -Karl Menninger

Who was your favorite teacher? Was it a teacher in elementary, middle, or high school who cared when you were having a bad day.? Perhaps there was a professor in college or university that inspired and encouraged you?  What is it that they said or did that made them memorable? Was it their teaching style, the way they cared, or maybe the way they challenged you?

Through academic coaching students set goals and create action steps to achieve those goals. With every goal students must identify at least one mentor. This is someone who they will ask for help in reaching their goal and completing the action steps they made to be successful. In this process a teacher’s name always comes up. Usually, the student names more than one teacher with which they have a good relationship and want to ask for help.  I love hearing about these teachers! One of the key ingredients in the Recipe for Academic Success is communicating with teachers. They make amazing mentors!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and today is Teacher Appreciation Day. Why should we thank a teacher? They are the individuals who are helping and inspiring students to succeed and follow their dreams.  Their positive impact on young minds is tremendous. If you are a student, think about who your favorite teacher/ professor is and tell them.  Your words will have such a positive impact on them. I know this because when I worked as a teacher, students expressed their gratitude and appreciation to me, and it meant the world to me and still does. Parents, share your past experiences with teachers or professors with your teen. If you are close to someone who is a student ask them who their favorite teacher/ professor is and why. Start a conversation and brainstorm a few ways you can show appreciation.

A big thanks to my teachers and professors from back in the day!

Lester B. Pearson High School – My accounting and photography teacher both took the time to talk to me and ask me if I was ok. It was obvious that they cared and I will ever forget that.

Florida State College at Jacksonville – Thomas Costa, you challenged me to think critically about so many things. I chose to take three classes from you because your teaching style was phenomenal. Noelle Wynne, you helped me to develop a bigger passion for learning about my family’s culture and who and where I come from.

University of North Florida – Richard Chant, your passion for education is contagious! Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated. Norman Rothchild, your teaching style instilled a love for learning and a respect for Japanese culture and history.

Jefferson Davis Middle School – ALL teachers, thank you for all your support! You taught me so much about how to be a great educator and good person. You are an inspiration to me!

Melanie Black of Student Futures is an academic coach for teens and has a passion to help students succeed. Academic coaching helps students develop life skills and gives them strategies to increase self-efficacy, self-motivation, and self discipline. Contact us today for a free consultation. Click here to learn more about academic coaching and how we are helping students in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas.

Keep smiling and reach for the stars!