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The word, goals is used a lot. Some people cringe at the thought of setting goals because they have been forced to do it a specific way over and over again and then they have an even harder time following through and achieving those goals.  Let’s see if we can change this negative perspective and find intrinsic motivation to help us achieve what we want most.

Merriam Webster defines victory as “achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties.”

Instead of setting goals let’s attempt to strategize our victories. Yes, it will be difficult and there will be struggles along the way that you will have to deal with.  Deal with them as they come. Be fearless and keep your victories in sight.

Take these 5 simple steps to Victory:

Victory: What do you want to achieve?

Why: Why do you want this victory?

Technique: How will you achieve your victory? What steps can you take?

Mentor: Who will help you? Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Nickname: Give your victory a nickname like Super Star so you can refer to it often. It’s easier to be mindful of your victory by utilizing a nickname.


Victory is yours!

Feeling overwhelmed? No worries. Student Futures’s academic coach, Melanie Black has a passion for helping students succeed. Click here for more helpful resources. Contact Student Futures today and schedule a free academic coaching consultation and learn more about how we help teens use strategies to be victories and achieve their dreams. Student Futures serves middle school, high school, and college freshman students in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas.We want to help you succeed!

 Keep smiling and reach for the stars!

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