Get Ready for Back to School with this Essential

//Get Ready for Back to School with this Essential

Get Ready for Back to School with this Essential

It’s hard to believe it’s back to school time again. Before you know it, we will be waking up early and trying to get homework done before saying goodnight. There is one item above all else that will help students be prepared for the new school year as well as last until the end of the school year.

A planner needs to be at the top of your school supply list. An efficient organizer will help you not only start the school year with confidence but  act as a guide throughout the year. But how do you choose an academic planner that works for you? There are so many to choose from!

It’s what’s on the inside that matters! Ignore the pretty covers. Yes. They look nice but your priority should be the structure inside. The stereotypical planner rarely works for the everyone. Look at different layouts and find one you think will work for you. This advice is is not just for students, for teachers too! Homeschool moms, you as well!

Need more help planning for the new school year? Getting the right planner for you can be a challenge. Read my post about “How to Make a Planner Work for You” to learn more about this process. Want more help with back to school? Check out my Ultimate Back to School Guide.

My Planner Recommendations

  • Full Focus Planner
    • I just started using this one and love it. It’s great for students, teachers, as well as parents. It is designed to coach you into achieving your goals. There is a student version that would be helpful for those heading back to school. This planner is organized by quarters. So each one has contains three months of pages, which means the downside is you have to purchase a new planner multiple times throughout the year.

  • Erin Condren Life Planner
    • This 12 month planner has weekly and monthly layouts. The weekly layouts are vertical, which in my opinion are the best when planning your mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Plus, you get stickers! Who doesn’t love stickers?

  • Global Printed Teacher Planner
    • This is perfect no matter what subject you teach.  It includes 7 periods, pocket folder, dated calendar, page tabs, bookmark, and planning stickers. Stickers!

  • The Homeschool Planner
    • I am excited to use this one in the upcoming school year. We have enjoyed homeschooling and I know this resource will help us have another great year. It contains 192 pages to help you create monthly and weekly plans. You can set up a meal plan, manage weekly activities, goal plan for yourself and your children, and keep a weekly schedule visible so that you don t overbook your time. It also includes helpful tools for homeschool planning such as a grades and tests log, attendance sheets, a reading log, a book wish list, a monthly goal planner, and a field trip planner.

Must Have Planner Accessories

  • Ultimate Planny Pack
    • This is my new favorite accessory! It has an elastic that fits over your planner cover. It’s basically a pretty pencil case for your planner. You can fit quite a bit in it too like pens, pencils, sticky notes, book marks, etc. There are several designs to choose from.
  • Month By Month Planner Stickers
    • Stickers are fun. Plain and simple. I love decorating each month and getting into whatever holiday is happening.
  • Magnetic Bookmarks
    • These are great when you want to find a page or pages in your planner fast. Plus, they fit nicely in the planny pack.


“Plans are useless. Planning is everything.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

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